SHAMPOO BARS. More than just a shameless product plug: My baby steps to zero-waste advocacy.

One of my personal missions for this year is to start helping the environment and as difficult as it may seem, I know that there is something I can do in my own way. The road to zero-waste may not be an easy one but it is worth giving a try. I have read from a recently released article from PhilStar Global that the Philippines is now the 3rd largest contributor to ocean plastic. This was made evident during the recent storms hitting the country when flooded streets swelled with plastic bags, bottles, wrappers and other plastic-made containers among other garbage. I have seen numerous Facebook video posts about our waterways teeming, not with fish, but with these durable wastes. Yes, plastic is so durable that it has become one of the most popular raw materials for just about anything– from household staples, trash bags, kitchenware, shampoo and detergent bottles, other beauty products packaging and many more. These plastic materials are so durable that it takes years before they can decompose. In an article written by Rick Leblanc, he stated that plastic items can take up to 1000 years to decompose in landfills. But plastic bags we use in our everyday life take 10-1000 years to decompose, while plastic bottles can take 450 years or more to decompose.

This is not the world I want my little boy to grow up in. Realizing that I have a part in the plastic consumption in the Philippines and thus making it one of the largest contributors to plastic waste, I made it my personal mission to start doing something about it.

Hence, I started to search for products that I can use personally to lessen if not to totally eliminate the use of plastic. So I saw a few that I can start utilizing for me and my little boy. One of the products I liked very much is the shampoo bar. The use of a shampoo bar may be just me starting off small but with the intention of making a huge difference in the long run.

I believe that the shampoo bars will make way for fewer plastic bottles and sachets to enter our oceans. Billions of plastic bottles from shampoo and conditioner alone flood our oceans every year. It has been estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish according to

I now offer shampoo bars on sale so I can also encourage others to help the environment by going zero-waste. These shampoos need not be in plastic containers to serve its purpose.

And so for my shameless plug:

Hi! I’m selling shampoo bars for the whole family.


boo bottles and sachets away!
Help us with the zero waste advocacy

contain shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, and scented oils
65g / 2.5 x 1 in/ Deep Cleansing
Each bar lasts up to 60+ washes
3 years shelf life if stored in cool, dry place


Sporty Men
Tea Tree

These are for PREORDER and on a payment first policy. These are handmade and production may take up to a week after orders are placed.

For inquiries and order, you may drop me a message at the following contact details: (sms) +639063401232 (email)


To be a WAHM or to not be a WAHM? That is the question.

Let us first unlock the meaning of the term:

WAHM- Work At Home Mum.

The urge to work from home has been constantly tugging at my heart since I have given birth to my little one. He is now 20 months old and I have yet to decide if I would like to work from home.

I have apprehensions, to begin with, if I am to quit my current job. I have been teaching for the past 15 years. Teaching is my passion and just imagining leaving the classroom is already causing me anxiety. On the other hand, I have also been pondering for a while now how it’s going to be like working outside the school; though only when I had my baby did I start wanting to work in the comfort of my home while spending time with my son.

The place I work at is just right inside the subdivision I stay in. I can actually go home on breaks or when I’m off classes but due to the stressful work demands of the job, I sometimes cannot go home to check on my little one who would be under the care of his sitter.

As of writing, My son’s been terribly ill and I have not been to work for 3 consecutive days, so the desire to just be a WAHM is becoming more and more persistent, but I know there are a lot of things to consider.

Any tips, encouragement or word of advice from working moms and WAHMs alike?

Hope for Hailey’s Heart

Meet my little friend, Hailey, she is my good friend’s niece and is diagnosed with Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA)- a heart problem that occurs soon after birth in some babies.   With PDA, abnormal blood flow occurs between 2 of the major arteries connected to the heart. The two major arteries are connected by a blood vessel called the ductus arteriosus which is an essential part of fetal blood circulation. This vessel is supposed to close within minutes or days but for those with PDA, this does not happen and the vessel remains open and this allows oxygen-rich blood from the aorta to mix with oxygen- poor blood from pulmonary artery which may cause to put strain on the heart and to increase blood pressure in the lung arteries.

Hailey, at times, finds it difficult to breathe and her weight gain is slow.  She sweats a lot too! Feeding, as well, is not always a breeze and she tends to get tired easily.

As a mother and as a friend, my heart aches for Hailey who is still too young to experience pain. I wish to support Hailey and her family in this endeavour and seek your support as well.  Doctors may be able to treat this condition with medications, catether based procedures, and surgery;  but it would require so much to do all these and Hailey’s family do not have the means to afford immediate treatment for our little friend. Most children who has undergone treatment lives healthy, normal lives after surgery.

I have hope for Hailey’s heart…

Let’s help our little friend, in any way we can.  Prayers and well wishes are also very much appreciated.

For those who wish to know more about Hailey’s case you may go to the link below:

We also have Tee Shirts for sale for Php 300 only if you want to help with the funding for baby Hailey’s heart.

Let’s help make Hailey’s heart happy.

Thank you.


Edited to add:

Hailey is in the hospital now because of lack of oxygen. She is currently feeding through tube. Please pray for our baby Hailey.

edited to add:

our darling angel has passed last Monday, 29 August 2017 and is now in heaven..


HAKAB NA! 2017: Get ready for the Big Latch On! 

My darling bubba’s latched on and is breastfeeding as I blog about this- Great! Yes?! 

Oh well,  it is almost the time of the year again for all the mummy tribes to unite for the Big Latch On. As August is breastfeeding awareness month, HAKAB NA! 2017 – the biggest gathering of breastfeeding supporters, families and advocates- will be happening on 5th August 2017.  This event hosted by the online support group, Breastfeeding Pinays, will be held at Smart-Araneta Coliseum in Cubao, Quezon City.  At the very core of the event will be the Big Latch On (BLO), an international activity where breastfeeding moms all over the world will simultaneously get their babies to latch on and altogether breastfeed for or within a minute to set a world record. The event aims to promote both the health and economic reasons of breastfeeding. It also aims to share awareness that breastfeeding is all normal and natural and that mothers should not be shamed or be ashamed for breastfeeding even in public places. 

I support breastfeeding because I believe in the benefits my milk can provide my son. 

This event is also supported by the Department of Health (DOH), Philippines.

Those who wish to join will need to register online through the link below:

register here for the HAKAB NA! 2017 event

Here is the link to the event page for more detailed information

Tara, hakab na!

~ Mummy Chelle


First blog post (ok, that was actually the default title)

I have been pondering for months about starting a mummy blog.  I used to write for several of my personal blogsites (most are inactive)  but I am hoping to write about a different content this time. This will be a place where I will write about my musings about motherhood, the hits and misses; highs and lows. I will likely write about my adoration for my bubba.  In the future, I wish to do reviews of mummy/ baby products and also share recipes and activities I do with my little one. Heck, it can also be anything under the sun. 

~Mummy Chelle